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How to Use this Guide to stack the raids in online game

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What better way to start this section than by stating what it does not do. This guide does not provide aion online gold guilds with information on how to stack the raids. Stacking raids basically means taking what raid leaders feel is the most efficient group make up to the fight. In actuality, this does more harm than good.

As a World of Warcraft player that has completed the end bosses in both the Azeroth and the Outlands, I have been with guilds that have stacked raids and those that have not. I find that the latter tends to be more successful and more adaptable in their strategies, versus constantly swapping classes in and out.

This guide is separated into three raiding types based on player limitations and then further separated into tier categories. The tier information is to give players an idea of the quality of gear and weapons that can be looted from bosses.

The tier categories coincide with the token set pieces that drop in this expansion. Tier Six items and equivalent gear, which is the best in the game at this point, drop from bosses in the Tier Six raid zone categories. The detailed list of loot for each raid can be found here.