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Aion : Reactivation Campaign Coming Soon

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Beginning on December 3rd and running through December 13th, NCSoft and Aion developers are beginning a reactivation campaign for players who have not played in awhile and whose accounts are in good standing. The campaign will allow former Aion-ites to check out the game free for ten days, earn double XP and 99% off of Soul Healing on the 11th and 12th.

During Solorius, Atreia's midwinter festival, the young and the young at heart set out socks to be stuffed with festive presents. But this year, pranksters have run off with the socks. You've got to fight for your right to--well, to get your socks filled! Join in on the merriment of the new Solorius quests to retrieve the socks and set things right for all. Find the Solorius Event Staff NPC in each capital city to start your sock hunt. Later during the holiday season, ring in the New Year right with delectable goodies. Simply collect the items dropped by monsters and exchange them for delicious New Year's treats.