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He is ready to ask for forgiveness

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Even when he was still a toddler, his grandmother and mother refused to give any aion gold to him. Whatever he did was right. No accusations of any kind are permissible and therefore tolerated.
At their time, their son was the best and perfect in the world. They took care of him with the most miraculously and meticulously care, unparalleled by any other tenders. However they reap what they sowed in the past. Both of them are suffering a lot from the misconducts of the boy.
The other reason is his parents wrong idea to cultivate the character of a little child. His father once said that he will not accept forgiveness from others but he is always ready to ask for forgiveness from them and ask to Sell Dofus Kamas.
What a misconception he has had in mind! That meant that he would be winked at and shielded so long as he can beat others when any controversial disputes occur between his son and the other boys.
The third reason I have to state here is his nature which determines his behavior and attitude toward others. Just like all children at the present age, he is egoistic, and intolerant of mistakes from others.
In fact, it might not be right for others. Maybe others will be faster to buy sell LOTRO Gold than you. So when you do something, you would better know what others think about it! So as you are comfortable, others feel happy!