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Guide for Aion skill

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 Then Aion study how the guardian of what the Magic Stones hit, I tried the whole attack, full-shield release, full-crit, and finally concluded that the guard hit crit and shield against the best crit is better shield against the 1/5 attacked 430, 500 crit, shield against 2500, no state. Guard skills under the following damage on it, apart from the Lord God can hurt. Remember, skills to be a reasonable release in game.
The first faint skills for in the general skills (aion gold), also other general, which rely on to kill seconds people do, that this time had hit the shield, a skillful guard I want to know all the strong shield hit it, regardless of PK is killing or pull pumping FB Wang, guard play is the shield, followed by the application of each of your skills, and more to the abyss of murder will understand that personal feel and the most important skills is the following, the protection shield - shield hit lord God impregnable surprise must use these skills properly.