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Flame skills

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aion gold can serve as a love of aion, aion understanding that beauty, passion and love where it is the player given another dimension, another use. Now you have to pay more attention to the aion Online. Some mobs have Brambles BM should not use Heaven Flame and other aion skills. The fourth wave will bring horsemen. A tricky thing is that it is really hard to get them out of peaceful stance, in which mobs restore their HP.
Hard to know if it is a bug or was intended to be that way. Venom with a pet can take care of them until the boss comes. If you are lucky horsemen will agro the cleric or wizard and will stand in aion gold until death. Another effective way to agro the horsemen is a normal melee attack, does not matter which class but preferably one with higher accuracy, standing in front of the horse but not too close or it will just run away.
After someone agrees a horseman the others use assist target and kill it. It was noted, but not confirmed, that horsemen agreed wizards more often. Maybe it was just coincidence.
Starting in this Stage you will see Aqua Wraiths which have the manna drain ability. Archers should pay attention to their MP Use MP pots if needed.
Fifth boss Aqua Source looks quite peaceful but can sometimes using it is physical and magical defensive rebuffs. It does not have any special abilities. Barb tanks while cleric heals and purifies when needed. If you have not killed all the horsemen yet does it now while killing the boss because they can be trouble during the next Stage. If someone needs repairs go to the forges? Max Attack Aura, buy aion gold regent, and raises Defense Aura.
Take your spots ASAP the mobs in the first wave are fast. One of the waves will bring horsemen again. Use the same tactics as the last group. Venom, at wood wave, tries to use your Parasitic Nova on mobs without magic immunity or stun won not work. This boss - Shattered Soul is easy. The cleric can keep the BB up while the Barb tanks. At this time some items usually require repairs so you can go do it one at a time. This boss takes 7-10 minutes to kill. Rebuff and max all Auras.