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Coming June 23rd! Refer a Friend, Reap Rewards!

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Aion's Refer a Friend program saw its dawn with the game's launch last year, and veteran players have been able to invite their friends to try Aion out ever since. With the recent launch of 1.9, we wanted to give this program a hefty refresh, brimming with new rewards!

Inviting a friend to give Aion a spin will not only land you a couple of goodies (3 Major Ancient Crowns and one month of free game time), but your friend will also gain an item pack to help your friend get started. The friend pack comes loaded with 25 Lodas Amulets, 100 Lesser Running Scrolls, 100 Lesser Courage Scrolls, and 100 Greater Recovery Serums.

To find out how take advantage of this great opportunity, head on over to our Aion Refer a Friend Program starting June 23, 2010!