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Farming the razor maw hatchling

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 For the players in the game, they can choose to become a magician, thief or a bowman. And the players need a large number of aion kinah to equipment their characters and level up fast. If you want to become a master assassin, then the following tips will helpful to you. When your INT and STR are four or five, you should create a character. And you need some time to accomplish this process. Then you should go to the island and try to get the ability points as many as possible. At least you need to get 25 points. If you get more than 25 points, you do not have to save them in DEX, you can put them in LUK. Besides, killing green snails is a good way to gain experience, as they are easy to kill. However, you can not become a master assassin until you reach level 10.
It can be found in a loot able nest called the Razor maw Matriarchs Nest. It spwans every five to eight hours and in a cave populated with raptors in Raptor Ridge in the northern part of the wetlands. And you should pay attention that since patch 3.3, this pet no longer drops from Razor maw Matriarch. Then let’s see the third one: farming the darting hatchling. You can find it in a nest appropriately named Darts Nest in the northern part of Dusk wallow Marsh. You need to watch out for the raptor Dart. He is always moving and you should make sure to engage him when he is not near any other raptors.