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Aion Quest: Crush the Conspiracy from Repaying Revolutionary

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 Crush the Conspiracy from Repaying Revolutionary Group is a general quest which for players at level (aion gold) 20. You can get the quest map automatically. These quests NPC you will get automatically and you will be end the quests NPC is to look for Army chief of Beltran.
First you need to talk with Spa taros. Go to Beltran Ward towers and have a dialogue with Kelidiai. He will change you to a little bird then you can to detect the boat in accident. You just need to go to the captain position of the cabin in Aion.
Go back to Kalipinya and talk with him. Go to kill the captain called Jinsiluolin. You will get the reward of the quest. Then is the last thing for the quest. Go to Beltran and looking for Army chief to end the quest. You will get 124600 EXP and a green armor. Hope it can help you to level buy aion gold up quickly.