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Everything requires an investment of time, money and a lot of both

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The key is to level as cheaply as possible until you can get aion gold to the point where you can make a profit (or even break even) on the things you create as you level up.

Again, same thing as the first crafting profession buy up all the patterns/plans/etc that look like you could make a profit with, make a spreadsheet, etc.

There is one more thing you can do to make some extreme money, but keep in mind that everything requires an investment of time and money and this will require a lot of both.

There are lots of factions based patterns/plans/etc recently implemented in WoW. Some of them are as simple as killing tons (and I mean thousands) of Furbolgs until you are honored/revered with the Timber maw Furbolgs, some as daunting as turning in thousands of Dark Iron Ores to the Thorium Brotherhood.

99.9% of the players in this game would not touch this with a 10 foot pole, simply because they either do not want to waste their energy to achieve this level (which is totally understandable you have to be crazy to do this), or they do not understand the benefit of knowing how to make these epic items.