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Divine power

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                                                                     Divine power
   aion gold that you will buy if you want to play it well. In aion online kina. Divine Power (DP) is a force accumulated over time and released at a strategic point in combat. Mortals who have witnessed its tremendous power coined the phrase Divine Power, a power so great it can only be harnessed by the Daeva.
   DP is gained in increments by fighting monsters or the Balaur, all of which possess a certain amount of Aetheric energy. When a Daeva successfully slays a monster, this energy is released and absorbed into them as Divine Power. Due to the nature of this energy, once collected and stored properly, may be used to deal unimaginable destruction. When DP reaches its maximum capacity, a single blow of celestial force can be unleashed inflicting tremendous damage to all in the surrounding area.DP has other uses as well – you may craft items, refine ore and build exceptional weapons and armour. Only the Daeva have the ability to create such items.
   You can buy aion kina. DP is slowly accumulated through battles but lost when the player leaves the game session. It can however be transferred to another character if so desired. If there is grave danger or a need to craft certain items in a shorter period of time, the ability to pool DP could prove critical.