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Aion(EU): 3rd CB Confirmed to Start on July 2nd

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The anticipated MMO from NCsoft, Aion was just announced to launch its 3rd CLOSED BETA event on July 2nd and the test would ended on July 6th. Several sites(EU) will be starting key give-aways over the course of the nearest few days.

Official Press Release

Closed Beta #3 Coming Soon!

The next Aion closed beta event is coming your way on July 2-6, 2009. Enjoy a long weekend of fun in Atreia as testing concentrates on first 20 levels of the Elyos and Asmodians. Choose your side and tell us all about your escapades in Elysium and Asmodae in this exciting event.

We thank all of our players in our first two closed beta events. Your feedback has been invaluable!

For this event, participants must have a full-access beta key or have received an invitation for the third closed beta event specifically. (Single event keys for the first two beta events are no longer valid.)

Read on to find out how you can take part in this event.

# Several sites will be starting key give-aways over the course of the nearest few days.
# Players who have pre-ordered Aion have access to all beta events. You can pre-order online at or through participating retailers, a list being available right over here.
# Keep an eye on the Aion team Twitters and Aion Facebook page for your chance to score an invite.

Update notes for the latest game changes and additions are coming soon.

The third closed beta event starts on July 2 (12:00 PM PT, 9:00 PM CEST, 8:00 PM BST) and we look forward to seeing you there!