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Defense rating for the tank

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 Defense rating is next up for the tank (so many stats, so little item slots). While this used to be one of the premier stats for feral tanks, changes to the survival of the fittest talent has moved it down a few notches. Pre-WotLK you needed 415 aion kinah with the talent or 475 without it to render yourself immune to critical strikes. Post-expansion, the talent when maxed at 3 points does this for you; however defense rating is still needed and can be most beneficial to stack once you achieve 50% in dodge as it does not have diminished returns. Hit and expertise ratings will also help, as will crit, as they all contribute to your DPS which in turn helps you keep your threat generation high. Haste is nearly meaningless to a bear as it does not affect your main tanking abilities. Feral tank weapons will also continue to be staves; no other weapon in the game is as well itemized to help the feral druid.