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Asmo and Elo are attacking in Aion

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 As far as im concerned when you kill someone you obviously get Abyss Points, but you loose a fair bit if you attack anyone that is a lot lower level aion kinah then you. How things work according to Rifting and PvP. Depending on how much low level Asmo or Elo that are being killed depends on how many you need to kill to be cursed.
Once you are level 30 in Aion, anyone 10 levels and lower then my toon will give 1 ap. anything above that will give you 2+ Abyss Points. As if you had a level 50 killing a 40, there is no loot, but in PvP terms it is the same. Kill and asmo 10 levels or lower and you only get 1 Abyss Point.
Depending on the opposition that is running around killing the lowbies, is to how many they kill to be cursed. So if you are a lot higher you may only need to kill 10 low levels of the opposing faction to be cursed and hunted down. So dispatching of low levels only makes the higher ups find them faster.
There is sadly no matter what level aion gold the opposition for the Abyss, they will never be cursed. The Abyss is and always will be a slaughter house for each of the factions. Simply because people love blowing things up after getting back from work or school. Besides that there are quests to kill the opposition so you can't really expect all that much.