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Aion website gets a refresh and a powerful new feature

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Frequent visitors of Aion will have already noticed that our official Aion website got a fresh new look as we are closing in on the release of the game in September. We hope you like it and while loyal fans will notice that the structure hasn't changed much compared to the previous version we've added a powerful new feature called PowerWiki.

The PowerWiki hosts all sorts of information about the game and will surely become a valuable pool of knowledge for every adventurer in Atreia. Please remember that it is still in an early beta phase - more content will continously be added and we are also aiming for having it localized into French and German around the time of the game's launch.

If you are new to the game and just got your beta key for this weekend, you might enjoy the Beginner's Guide which will tell you all about your first steps on your way to becoming a Daeva. From there you can follow the various hyperlinks and explore the PowerWiki for more detailed information about all the different aspects and features of Aion.

Another good news is that the Closed Beta Event #4 has just begun and while most of you already know that you can take part in all beta events until launch if you preorder the game from one of our official partners you will be glad that we just added another partner to our network. The game is now available on Steam so feel free to head over there and get your copy of Aion digitally distributed directly to your PC.