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A little sad

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                                                                         A little sad
    My feeling is a little sad, just like the weather today. Collect my feeling and start to work, I even can not concentrate on my job. I miss my home, miss my family and miss that person.
    Time passed so quickly and I even had no time to consider my winter holiday. Looking back the past few days, there are too many things happened, unforgettable things and unhappy things. Each memory and each feeling riches my life, I cherish them.
    If I know after I get home, I will miss my home more; I still prefer to go back. Just as I know after I love him, I will bear much painful; I still can not help falling in love with him. I still believe god exists, or why we can meet in thousands people. I have never expected I could love with a person in an unreal world, but it really took place. If I did not enter into Aion, I would not meet him. If I did not buy aion kina, I would not meet him.
    I know he has his girl friend in reality, but I can not control my feeling. I can not forget that day we met in Aion. I needed some aion online kina to upgrade my equipment during doing task, but at that period of time I had no enough money. So I borrowed some aion gold from him. To my surprise he borrowed to me, because I was just a stranger for him at that time. So from that day we became friends. His characters contain confidence, indifferent attitude and some uncertain factors. He always said to me that I was the person who understood him most. Meanwhile I found chatting with him was most enjoyable thing and he always knew what I wanted to say the next sentence. My feeling generated unconsciously. My goal in this game was not earning cheap aion kina and high ranks, but for him. I never told him my feeling, but I knew he could feel. Every time when I landed on Aion, the first thing was looking for him. If he was not online, I would feel depressed and found it was boring, even someone promised to buy aion kina for me.
    Miss will continue and become deeper, but I know as long as he is happy, I will be happy, and I need not he knows. Just sometimes when I think of him, I am still a little sad and disconsolate.