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Aion Tips for Damage

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Hello all. Welcome to Moro. Come here you may interest in Aion, now let me give you some tips for damage in Aion, hope it may fit your taste:
That’s all well and good until we start our dig (aion gold) rotation which breaks root, when we go rifting; you take off like a rocket from being feared in the air since there are no high rank 50s running around. So even if we have a full rotation on the ranger before root breaks they still fly out of our range, pot, keep flying, wait for our dots to stop ticking, go into hide, then game(aion gold) over for us.
Also buffed from a chanter we have 8300 health should be plenty enough to survive, but then again the problem arises that we can not dish out enough dig in the abyss to kill, ranger before his CDs are up and he can burst us again. Remember we are not talking about duels; this is straight PVP where all consumables are fair game. Like Paris video it seems rangers are very opportunistic, they see a target low health and come in to get that last shot, be it ourselves or the person we were killing in Aion.