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Aion Guide for Weapon smiting

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Weapon smiting is used for creating daggers, swords, maces, great swords, and pole arms. Weapon smiting is both costly and time consuming to create, but fairly rewarding. If you are a class (aion gold), use any of these weapons, we definitely recommend picking this process. However, you can buy, and not from trade brokers similar to the price of similar projects.
For instance, if a 100 damage sword can be crafted for roughly 100,000 Kinah in materials and failed attempts, then there is probably a 90 damage sword for sale through the Trade Broker at 90,000 Kinah. We provide aion gold for you.
The real benefit from Weapon smiting is gathering lots of materials and attempting to get as many prod’s as possible and then selling the ones you do not use. Weapon smiting works similar to Handcrafting where you need to 'proc' the regular recipe in order to use in another recipe and then proc that to get the best result.
Even if the second failure, you still will have a valuable item in Aion. If successful, you will have a very valuable project. The best results in millions of dollars in drugs, the price is attractive at any level. Overall, Weapon smiting is not a bad craft for any class that uses the weapons listed above, but we definitely suggest it for Templar, Gladiators, and Assassins.