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You’ve made your decision, click on the desired class and sex type and choose next

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Asmodian: You can select any of the character types to read a brief description of their skills and statistics. Once you’ve made your decision, click on the aion gold desired class and sex type and choose next.

Create Character: You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your new character, so make sure it’s just how you want it. There are limitless possibilities for customization and creativity, and enough styles to suit any taste.

When you first arrive at the Create Character screen you will be randomly given a preset face and body.

Character Creation Screen:

Race/Class - Above the Character Name field it will list the Race/Class that you have selected. You can use the previous button if you change your mind.

Character Name/Check Name - Choose a character name and use the Check Name function to see if it’s available or already in use.

Face Options - There are many preset Face types to choose from. The customization window to the right contains two tabs, specifically for facial features. These range from hair color/type, decorations, tattoos, to the most detailed features, such as face, brow, and ear shapes.

Voice - There are 4 different Voice Options - Press the Listen button to hear each voice.