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You will need a lot of weapons but carry only a few will do

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Knife: This is the lousiest weapon in RO, although it can have 4 slots, it is still useless, throw it away once and get a novice blade instead.

Weapons: Since you will need a lot of support in training aion gold, you will need a lot of weapons but carry only a few will do.

Tips: Well this is the last section of the guide; well this section gives you tips about the lord knight.

1: Always use muramasa unless you want to deal more damage to the monsters by using the size two handed swords.

2: Aura blade and two hand quicken must be on at all times, praying can be on if possible, when using spear, concentration must be on.

3: Always use the size two hand swords or elemental claymores when fighting MVPs.

4: Use berserk when danger comes, but you have to receive a lot of damage since the skill makes your flee rate half.

5: Use spear anytime you like, you can use spear to take over two hand swords.

6: Try to use berserk for MVP and WOE. I have come to the end of the guide, now lets look at the other one.