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When Worlds Collide Contest Winners

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Last week the When Worlds Collide Contest came to an end. Since that time, we have been watching all your machinimas in an effort to narrow the great submissions down to our favorite six (three North American and three European).
It was not easy, but we are happy to announce that we have chosen our winners. Drum roll, please!
Congratulations to...
First Prizes
The Gelkmaros visitors
Oliver Hughes from the United Kingdom
Asmo & EllieNikole Gamble from Minnesota
Second Prizes
Top BirdJean-François Chaussoy from France
Asmodian Girls SongAnnie Wilson from Tennessee

Third Prizes
Dumb AssassinMichaël Zavarsky from France
ApocalypseCrystal Jones from Arizona

The player characters in the machinimas and the machinima makers displayed an overwhelming amount of talent during the contest. We would like to point out a few additional videos that we thoroughly enjoyed:
Daevanion TalesThomas Blotzheim from Germany

We had a great time watching all your machinimas. Thank you for participating, and congratulations again to the winners! We hope you enjoy your awesome prizes.
If you did not win this time, do not give up. and keep your creativity going as other community events are coming your way in the next couple of months!