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What we would like to see in future patches

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What we all loved in aion was the unique pvp style which is now so it seems absolutely not the prime objective of NCSFOT yet you see a lot of people quitting the game everyday.

What we want is More pvp instance such as dredgion, solo pvp instance, group pvp instance or even alliance pvp instance.

Give us Faction based pvp event where legion within a same faction can fight for the best legion title.

Give us facion based pvp event to determine who is the best pvp player within one faction.

Lower the abyss point lost as a high ranker not transfomed increase the abyss point lostby a high ranker transfomed.
Alternatively if you dont want to change the AP earned or lost system give high ranker more active or passive skills that dont require tranformation that give those same high ranker a highe survival rate against ganking parties.

We see too many high ranker hiding or coming out on zerg dude to the lack of balance in the ap loss system hence hindering the PvP.

Give legion members legion skills based on the legion ranking, if only to give Legion leaders more power on their legion members and force them to come to siege. Legion leaders have no leverage on their members except say oh i ll kick you, What if i get kicked? what do i lose? i can join another legion right away. WHereas if they get kicked from a high rank legion and get skills from it they ll think twice before not doing what the leader says.

Open the whole map of gelkmaros and ingison, we miss the old maps like heiron and beluslan which used to be so fun rifting in because you could hunt on the whole mapon your own, biggest issue in gelkmaros and ingison is the very restricted area we fight in which no matter how you look at always ends up be Blob vs Blob, and though it can be fun at times it ends up being boring in the long run.

Reduce the amount of mobs on those 2 maps, when we pvp we want pvp not to be fighting against mobs that does more damage than your opponent.

If you manage to fix all this i am sure aion could be back in all its glory.

If anyone has something to add feel free to post.