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Warchild ruining rifting and a suggestion

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Some asmo lvl 50 is ruining the rifting for the elyos in Morheim.
Me (lvl 31 ranger) and my friend (lvl 31 cleric) are rifting in Morheim around the salintus desert.
We are checking the lvls of people and we spare every asmo which is lvl 27 or less. We get into some nice fights with 2 asmo sins named Gurux and Specops which are both lvl 35. We get into alot of fights with them , but they always run away with scrolls , stealth and pots (no complains about that)
finally we get them both killed a couple of times , and then suddenly Specops's main character lvl 50 named "Warchild" begins to chase us and completely destroys the fun, that we had. It was some fun fights we had with people on our lvl and even people , which was alot higher than us..
It can't be true, that people like "Warchild" is allowed to ruin the features and the fun in the game to other players. As i said before, we didn't kill lowlvls and we didnt engage Asmodians 2v1 to make it more fair and interesting.
If Warchild walks around in Morheim every day and are killing rifters, it will make the rifters want revenge and therefore kill lowlvl asmodians too..
So this act of Warchild will hurt the elyos rifters BUT also the asmodian questers aswell.
If NCsoft reads this, i think u should improve rifting by ONLY making the rifters vulnerable to attacks from players which are 10+ lvls higher than themselfs, if they have engaged someone 5 lvls below themselfs. (or if the rifters engage the 10+ player ofc) Also, please make people's lvl visible.. Then people can avoid killing lowlvls.