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Vocational skills

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Today I will tell you vocational skills about king of pirate online, and this time you can know more about how to deal with aion gold and at what time you can use it.
In the former you must have understand the basically technology, now I will teach you how to choose roles and develop it well, at the same times you need have enough sell AO Credits.
In this game you need often buy sell LOTRO Gold to play this game, because there are different levels to improve and also you can face to much stronger enemy.
First role, swordsman, is skillful with using sword and dong, and this skill has been developed pass thousand years, and it is the main fighting career on the land.
When you improve yourself from time to time, you will become new roles. For example, when you have more power and you can use huge sword, which can make the attack stronger, you will become a huge sword who can beat more than five sword men.
Or when you are good at the use of two good swords at the same time, you are Double sword whose power is lower than huge sword but the agile is better than him. Like one coin have two sides, and people have wrong point too.
Next time I will introduce other roles.