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Transmutation and Crystallization

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Transmutation: Alchemists have the ability to cause changes in substances. This is affected through the process of Synthesis and Fragmentation. Both of these occur in the Dry Oven. The Synthesis skill can be learned by talking to Dorren using the keyword Skills once you reach level (aion gold) 30. Synthesis can only be learned after learning the Fragmentation skill. You can also learn the Fragmentation skill by successfully reading the Synthesis and Fragmentation in Alchemy skill book in detail.
Mana Crystallization: The Mana Crystallization skill can only be learned while working your way through the Alchemist storyline. This skill is used to produce crystals that are then used by Alchemists as ingredients. You must be positioned near a Steam Oven and carry various materials necessary to create the crystals to perform Mana Crystallization.
Various types of Crystals can be created, including Crystals that contain the powerful magic of the Fireball, Thunder, or Ice Spear. Note that when creating such Crystals, the Magic Rank and Mana Crystallization Rank of the person charging the magic may affect the quality of the result. Place the Crystals that have been produced in your inventory and use the Alchemy skills after equipping your Cylinder to attack enemies with the magic contained in the Crystals.