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To Make Your Class Better

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 Here are some pros and cons of these jobs. Builds may loom in t3h fu7ur3, in the future, for those who are not leet though that was pretty basic lmao at you.
Mercenary: Pros: Hits fairly hard. Becomes some pretty badass stuff at level (aion online gold) 60. Cons: Short Range. Magicians: Pros: Hardest hitter. Has some range. Cons: Dies almost at the first critical hit.
If you want better class descriptions, see each class in the Builds section. Depending on who you chose, make sure you gather these up as you train, Mercenary: 5 Twinkle stones. Mage: 10 Twinkle stones. Acrobat: 10 Twinkle Stones. Assist: 5 Forform. Twinkle Stones come from Aibatts and Forforms from Mushpangs.
A good word of advice: Smaller guys drop more quest items! In order to make up for the EXP from the big guys, the smaller ones have a greater drop rate for questies. This is the training path we intend to set you on. Depending on how confident you are, you may wish to stray from this path. Go ahead, but please be reasonable. Note we will constantly be tweaking this as we test out when you can kill what. A star means you will food a lot, but by then you should have all the food you need.