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The way to make money in Aion

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aion online kinah is will be useful in the Aion. To make it, we single out to make money first to give BOSS
Grade 1 to 9 in 8 shelters in the vicinity there is a small BOSS litter 8 green books can sell thousands of cheap aion kina.
10 to 20 Warrior reconnaissance-level class to rise to 16 can kill 17, clan lost 17 and HP and 6 deadly ring for each value of 4W 18 off 18 Jishi. A green shield and necklace for each value of 13 deadly 5W to 15W offering ranging from Master Class 13 can take medicine to wear dead BOSS value of aion gold these two teams can go to ultra-high with Blackfoot tribe Boss Brush JY passing strange litter on the weapons to kill bad if you are a sword or a guardian can be to kill 18-ness of the base suddenly dropped 20 blue-handed Sword pick up with a good binding Lianji.
21 to 30 Level 25 before the no valuable BOSS 25 after a 27 sulfuric acid slime off 16 fatal necklace worth10 to 20W of the Spider Queen ranging from 30 super BOSS garbage out 30 blue weapon sword knife 50W to 100W rang, if four holes ranging from 100W to 150W.
The other is to make money collecting money and making pre-production only doing 18 fatal earrings to make aion kinah, but time-consuming is to train up the pass with the Lianji more valuable on the collection are grass 500 to 700 fresh marigolds 1200. Iron ore powder, 600 to 110 order 1800 sliver 300 of about 300 or so of fresh marigolds 1300 to 1800 marigold. Others are less clear that these are pre-material demand for larger stones are beneath contempt in the first product refined uranium weapons, stone armor beneath contempt 500 to 1000 refining stone 300 to 700 Intermediate Weapons refining stone jewelry stone 3000 to 5000 Intermediate 1000 to 2000 mid level armor refining stone 2000 to 3500.
Produce 18 earrings are more profitable to make aion gold silver powder to prepare the first gem mine lower refining stone jewelry Olympic silver earring for each of the power production needs 6 silver 3 stone 5 beneath contempt refined powder to produce green roughly 25 percent chance so we should prepare enough materials when making earrings fatal 50 percent to 65 percent chance out of the blue around too easily lead to a relatively high profits so pre-market demand is strong enough if the material every day, 20 Fatal earring will be able to make a 200W is mainly raw materials, the problem server Liren little less selling materials limited their playing time, after all, the auction both Kanxia need the best there is cheaper to buy aion kina.