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The time I love you

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                                                                     The time I love you
   I lose you and our love incautiously, and only leave these memories in my heart.
   I am not accustomed that you are not in my side. Without you I really do not know what to do. Thinking about your appearance, your eyes, your smile, to me they are so important.
   When you were with me, I knew how to spend boring time, what I could feel were happiness and sweetness. But now you are not in my side, what I can feel are loneliness and painfulness. No reason to persuade myself to laugh. I again and again recall of our past time. I still remember the time when we played Aion. I took you to this game. In my help you got an account and I bought some aion kina for you. At that moment you were so happy. Sometimes I just like your smile. It is so pure and unmannered. You always said to me that I treated my brothers well and seldom cared about you. I knew, so I wanted to make you happy in this game. I spent almost of my time to accompany with you. I did not care about how much aion online kina I have spent for you in this game. I knew as long as you were happy, I was willing to do anything. I did not take part in team activities, even the most aion gold, I would give up.
   But after loss you, I did not enter into Aion and did not buy aion kina, because everything in this game will make me remind of you. I am afraid to see. Love is just a feeling. Think of you, how can I leave so easily? Looking at you, how can I say to you that I have forgotten you? Seeing you, how can I control my tears? Not think of cheap aion kina and you, but it is hard. I remember that morning, the moment you left, I tried not to indulge my tears, but I still cried. I had no courage to advise you to stay with me.
   I smoked and looked outside of the window. The first time I could not see you clearly. At that moment do you knew my painful heart? I knew you had gone out of my world. I knew I had loss you forever. I will never be able to possess you and our live.