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The terrible online game

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                                                                   The terrible online game
   aion online kina, it was not worthy. Since I touched the online game, what I thought was only the virtual environment. My mind was always in a state of action. I was always thinking how to buy aion kina and something else. It also needed more energy and more attention.
   At beginning, I did not plan to play the online game. It was my colleagues who told me that it was interesting and I could have a try. I thought I truly should do something in this special day. I could not spend all the time on sleeping. When I found there was not much significance to go window-shopping, I chose the online game. Moreover, I did not have much money. If I took a fancy to some beautiful clothes, however, I could not afford it, I was sure it must be painful. Then I entered the virtual world. I hoped there truly something attracted me.
   Sure enough, I did not feel disappointed to the virtual environment. When the wonderful cheap aion kina appeared in front of me, how astonished I was. It imprinted itself in my mind so deep that even though when I left, I seemed to be still in the virtual environment. aion gold reappeared in my mind. I actually could not help myself thinking about it. Then the whole day, everything in the online game surrounded me. I even could not escape from the virtual surrounding.
   So you could imagine how slouching I looked the next day when I got up. Even though I wanted to lie on bed for more time, however, I had to get up soon. The new week came, no matter how, I should be more energetic on my work. Then I could only disguise myself to be dynamic when I entered the office room. Oh, the terrible online game.