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The perfect game aion

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   Aion gold is to strengthen the interaction between the perfect MMORPG, includes a comprehensive structural contradictions, players have not previously experienced in the strategic battle on the basic of constant growth, experience and aion the active exchange of the world a wonderful feeling, gamers will see a way to create their own legendary next cinema of the game prospects for development.
NCsoft to absorb the world of War craft and other games in the camp set up on the successful experience of power, for aion design for a family and dragon, the story around these three major wars start, can achieve large-scale race, players can become a family, or dragon days, while the dragon is a monster, and NPC.
However, aion in the three races are not always hostile. Family can work days to attack marinate; NPC can also be incorporated as a companion to narrow the scope of the territory of hostile players. PVP is not a simple game so simple, how to deal with will be the third force aion the key to large-scale PVP. In such a setting, under, aion in PVP combat will become complicated-clearly; the balance will be the development team will address the important issue.
In addition, aion trying to create a new model for fighting PVPVE, including the design of a variety of new forms of monster, with unprecedented way to attack the player, so players in the game sense of adventure full of new experience.
We change the world
Players and time, the environment interaction between the actions of other players, from small in terms of players I will bring greater rewards or receive a new mandate, lager, it can create a new underground city or even a new world. Players changed in the world, all players can be a new adventure, in the new adventure, and players will be merged with game world blending to create new changes.