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The info on the Balaur

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                                                             The info on the Balaur
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   The term Balaur invokes images of terror and fear for the level of destruction that they caused, and continue to cause, in Atreia. A mighty and highly intelligent race created by Aion to rule the planet population (including the human rfaces), the Balaur quickly because fixated with power and servitude so you want to buy aion kina.
   Their obsession eventually threstened The Tower of Eternity after violating the restrictions that Aion placed on them, forcing the god to create the Empyrean Lords to safeguard the planet and people. After a long and vioucious war against the Empyrean Lords, the Balaur were involved in the destruction of the Tower of Eternity during an intended meeting for peace. In retaliation, the Empyrean Lords banished the Balaur, sealing them inside the Abyss, an unstable rift between the two shattered halves of Atreia like aion online kina.
   Recently however, the Balaur have managed to escape from their prison, and threaten this fragile world with their fury once again. They will see their path end and spit into two distinct and new route, those of the Gladiator and of the Templar Aion, plays much attention to aion kina.