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The hot summer passed and the cool autumn comes

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Time passed away unconsciously. The hot summer passed and the cool autumn comes. Autumn is a season which makes people feels comfortable and enjoyable. The time you accompanied with me passed so quickly, while I become more and more rely on you. I cherish the every second with you.
In fact I know how well you treat me. But sometimes I would like to be angry with you deliberately. However, you are always very careful and patience to me. In fact I have compromise to you in my heart.
Do you remember our time spend in Hellgate London? It is an unforgettable experience. I was not regret to spend much money to sell aion online gold, because I met you. I remember when I first set foot in Hellgate London, how badly I was. You took me to exercise.
My level increase so slowly, but you were still waiting for me. In my heart how I wish to express my gratitude to you, but I still said nothing to you. Because I thought I could not dote on you too much. You have said to me that you can do everything for me.
In Hellgate London, when I needed sell ffxi gil to upgrade equipment, you bought for me. So now I am afraid to tell you that I want to buy equipment. I do not want you to spend too much money on me. For me, you are the best precious gift that god gives me. You do not like to say sweet talk, and seldom say to me.
Although I did not understand you at first and always quarrel with you. But now I do not want to request on you. You have done a lot of things for me. You worth your salt as a boyfriend, But what I have done for you are not enough.
I knew you always said to your friends how well I was. It made me feel shameful. I knew your equipment was a little poor, so I have save some money for you. I can predict your countenance. I want you to know that I am very care about you. My world becomes so beautiful since I have you.
The goal of other people playing game is earning sell guild wars gold, but we are not. I will stay and continue in this game for me, and you also said that the most happiness thing you experience in this game is you meet me.
My wish is so simple. I only want you to accompany with me and exercise to upgrade with me. Autumn is a harvest season. I know we can also harvest in autumn. Your happiness is my best wish.