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The ability to rush the captain and end a dredgion with no pvp

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I spent about thirty minutes writing a detailed concise post on this topic only to hit the back key on my mouse by mistake and lose it all. Woe the pit falls of forum systems. I can't be arsed to re-write it all now so I figure i'll just get the ball rolling and we'll go with it.
Essentially I'm fed up with the ease with which a dredgion turns into a train spotting convention. I don't enjoy playing the game like this and for a while it has felt like there is a lack of alternative gameplay inside a dredgion. A team doesn't win an encounter and any mob nearby gets drawn into the conflict from there on.
The ability to rush the captain and end a dredgion with no pvp is also a sad and common prospect of dredgion gameplay. I'm getting pretty sick of it. Fighting against teams that do this is much to common place. Sometimes it means they win right there and then, though probly more often am able to stop them, briefly or completely. But it's still a demoralising aspect that so many people try to avoid the pvp inside dredgion. Because that's the fun part isnt it? :S

And I'm talking about premade groups with a good class setup and nice equipment, that this is happening against aswell. So I don't want to hear about super unbalanced groups having no choice. The match fixing system for dredgion needs some work too.

Theres no revelation here about these occurances, but I guess I'm wondering is this the way the dredgion is supposed to be played? Because you can win using these methods, cheap as they are to me. Personally it's become pretty repetitive and boring dealing with these two things 9/10 dredgions. And it's lost a lot of it's lustre with countless repeated instances. The dredgion is one of the best way's to earn abyss points, and it should be to work on your pvp skills without penalty. Not kill x number of mobs as fast as possible or survive x number of mobs and bring them from A to B.
Anyone who wants pvp equipment and does dredgion I think would agree, love it or hate it, it's a means to an end.
For me the gameplay could improve if these two things were filtered out, but maybe you disagree.

If abyss point's wernt involved would dredgion receive the amount of entrees it currently enjoys as an instance? By which as the sole instance you you can meet the opposing faction inside, could it stand on it's legs under gameplay alone?
Lets talk about these two particular issues or non issues as you may see it.