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The Real World In Aion

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                                                                         The Real World In Aion
   Aion gold help aion create a very powerful role system, according to their own preferences players can develop  unique role. People as a whole setting can be set hair, face, decoration, tattoos, hair color, lip color, skin color, facial details of the settings can be set style, brow shape, eye position, eye spacing, eye length, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin and so on, while the various parts of body size can also be arbitrary to build!
   According to Ankara, the biggest difference we would like to insist on, at this point of the game development, is fighting system. It is a turn-based system that encourages action and tactics, and not forcing a player to wait for others to finish their turns. Of course, traditional role playing is still there. There are 12 classes to choose from, a wide variety of skill that level up with use, professions, parties and guilds. Subscription works like you can play it for free, but additional content will cost you. Anyway, beta testing starts around July and there haven been any announcements regarding the release date.
   The biggest difference about aion, according to the developers, is that it will be a dynamic game with similarities to the real world and even the player characters make part of this system requiring rest, sleep and food as well as the possibility of them getting sick.