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The More You MMO #3: Earn Your Power

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The lure of instant gratification is tempting. You may see an advertisement to buy a character from someone (or some company) online instead of putting in the work to level the character yourself. However, buying a premade character isn't the route to instant "uber-pwns" you think it is. 

When you buy a character, you could be buying a character created by a RMT company or a power-leveling service. Not only could your security be compromised by dealing with these companies, the link your character has to these companies will lead to your account being eventually banned. Even worse, your character could have been a character stolen from another player who has been hacked. 

We've teamed up again with Rooster Teeth to bring you a depiction of the impact you have on your teammates when you buy a character online. Remember, you have to earn your powers to learn your powers.

You wouldn't buy expensive jewelry on the street, nor would you pay for a new car without first getting title, so why would you buy a character online?

The more you know, the more you'll MMO.