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Some tips and information for the battlegrounds

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Battleground Tactics - The following are some tips and information for the battlegrounds that you might want aion gold to consider doing in the game. This is a good way for you to get PvP experience if you are not on a PvP server.

War-song Gulch is the first battleground that you can enter. It has the following brackets:








Your best bet is to always be at the top of the bracket before going in. It will make the battle that much easier for you. The battle is at least 5 vs 5 with the ability to have up to 10 people on a side.

The goal of War-song Gulch is to get your opponents flag back to your base where your flag is at. You can only score points if your flag is back in your base also. Shamans excel at low level War-song because of ghost wolf.

You can shift into ghost wolf after you get the flag and still be able to carry it. This helps out because no one else has a mount yet. Rogues still get sprint, and hunters have cheetah, but shamans are still sitting pretty good with ghost wolf.