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Some Crude Huts

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Destruction is the only spec that can dish out enough burst if they choose to go on your rogue, and being almost impossible to kill if they go on you. I am impressed how far he took this team but he needs a better comp to compete with the likes of aion gold. You can control most of the duplicate, but lose in a few globals if the mage gets off a big shatter. If Azael loses in unfortunate edit (thus the appropriateness to Blizzcon) I see him rebuilding his squad.
Regrettably that gave SK a goodness 7 seconds couturier of loose DPS on Azael and Zyz was hit out of concealing by a nova again modify with a latterly person. EG was on the defensive from the get go as a result, but Zyz did manage to snap that momentum when both he and Enforcer vanished and he was able to land a sap on Enforcer. Here EG made a questionable call and chose to go after Realz the priest, but Azael was CCed by Pookz and they did not dish out any real pressure. Enforcer got out of sap, Kollectiv hexed him but Pookz was able to remove it, and Enforcer was able to land a full opener on Zyz which took him from 100-0 with Pookz.