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So warm, but so sorrow

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                                                                  So warm, but so sorrow
   Spring is so beautiful season, so warm. But why it can not warm my heart? Listening to that sorrow music and writing down my sad characters. All of the things seem to have nothing to do with me. I am lonely. I always want to hide my loneliness, but smile to every friend. In fact I did it. No one knows that I am not happy. But how can I become bright just like the people surrounding me?
   Life is really hard, not to mention the sensitive and complicated personal relationship. Sometimes I just want to hide in a corner, consider nothing and ignore everything. Perhaps just in this way I can feel a little comfortable. Sometimes I prefer to play online games in instead of dealing with my friends. It is not because they are not enough to be relied on, but because I am afraid to generate contradiction with them. In fact I really care about them.
   I am alone to have a journey in Aion. I never made friends in this game; perhaps the personal relationship makes me have scared mentality. No one gave me any aion kina, because I had no deep relationship with them. In fact I really did not need anyone to give me aion online kina. Although I was weak to play this game, I was still willing to play it alone. I just want to keep distance with people. Some players in my union asked me to do tasks with them, but I always used different kinds of reasons to refuse. Playing online game was just an entertainment way for me, not for earning aion gold and getting high rank. There is too much sorrow and too much hopeless in reality, so I choose this unreal world. But I know no matter how well this unreal world I feel, I still have to return to reality. I still like to buy aion kina for myself. I know may be after a period of time I will feel tired of this game.
   I am really not happy and there are too many feelings in my mind. It is hard to relieve. Online games and cheap aion kina can not bring them away. Sun shines brightly outside, but I am still so sorrow, why the sun can not warm me? I want to make a wish to this beautiful spring, wish it can give me warmth of this whole season.