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Simple to know the strong patron saint

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aion gold can make you become patron saint, although you are only a patron star for guardian. If you are considered to be guardian, the advantage will be improved in one high speed. I have worked on this game for a long time, and I have known if you choose guardian, when in same level, this job is higher than others. At present only there is a single law-enforcement, who can cure and win, and other occupations have low chances to win guardian.
If you get the new branding of stone, you will can recover the life of own moment to resume 2500, and also have the new mark of one long-range property of stone attack and two seconds vertigo. Guardian 50 is to play the whole life-blood of 8000 and stone 11000, you can beat him one third of blood, he used lord god, who if full of blood and blood 13000. You can beat him two third of blood, he used DP techniques, and also have over blood 13000. At the same time if you eat secret of life with eating medicine and potion, you will have double armor and balance armor. There is also the bad state of their own to put their magic to eliminate all resistance to rebound increase 500 armor, and the days are even scarier. You have the skills to play 700 trails of light blood dizziness 3 second when you are get 50 levels as guardian star. Days guarded can clan fight against with a good number of peer leather cloth a series. If they want to run all get away to die. The attack of Guardian is not too low when they get 50. The skills are to play clothes skins pain and attacked more than the weapons of a high fighting to take on the second of consecutive strokes.
But shamefully devil guardian want to kill is also not kill people, and this I will tell you next time. So I say that you are very strong when you become patron saint, and also you skills is over 50 levels.