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Showing Respect to Your Fellow Players

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 There are some conflict of killing stolen, because the innocent misunderstanding or accident to act correctly. Please keep in mind that the other side of the screen is Funny people, and probably have the same feelings as you. Show your colleagues that you respect the players are good and polite, will benefit everyone. Do you want to aion kinah for your character? Just come here and place order from us now.
1)  Havening no way to say you must follow a region of grinding point list. This just explained to them in peace while you wait for your turn to grinding for the respect of your peers is a doing. This prevents any conflict in terms of the party and keep grinding and friendly and peaceful atmosphere.
2) Grinding point list is a big topic. Grinding the list was created to hold the people want a small mill in the area or point of import and export of tissue paper so great. Chances are that several people on the list once a man, in the list of expenses, until they left the area.
3) If you feel that the person in charge of the grinding list is being unfair or impartial, attempt to wait it out until that person has left the area. If you intentionally go to that spot to kill steal their party because you feel that they were impartial, you have now set yourself up for a possible ticket for harassment.
4) Negotiation is always the key factor! If possible, try to consult with the other agreement. Maybe you can split the spot 50%, or even turn the region fell. While it may not be ideal, but always very pleased to be able to work together than your companions, give rise to conflicts.