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Remember it forever

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                                                                      Remember it forever
   That spring festival, they both liked to go surfing then at most time, they dated to be online. They could communicate through the internet. At that time, he relaxed himself by online games. He thought she did not like the game, while she also shared the same interest with him. Compared with her, he did well in that world. He had much aion kina which always bought him so much good luck. They chatted on the internet and combated together in the war. But she was not as lucky as him. She did not have enough aion online kina. So he always assisted her in danger.
   In the perspective of her, he was actually a hero. Because every time when she was in trouble in that cruel world, he would help her. With much aion gold, she could live a better life in the bloody world. Then this condition continued for two months. At last, they could not control their strong emotion, then he decided to see her in the weekend. They cherished the special day. Because it was so short and treasurable.
   In this special weekend, what they talked was not how to buy aion kina any longer. They stayed together talking about the events which happened in their life. They mentioned about their respective conditions about the work. With the accompanying of him, she felt so blissful. But the time flew so quickly. When the next week was coming, he must be back to work.
   Then in the first year, they just managed their love by this special way. They got touch with each other through the internet. And by the game, they shared the countless happiness. cheap aion kina once bought them so much specail experience. They would never forget.
   Though two years past. While at this time, even if they did not keep in touch by internet, they still remembered those unforgettable days.