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Public Test Server Deployed

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Well met, Daevas!

The last week passed accompanied with a fair bit of anticipation for Aion's new public test server (PTS). The day has now come for that server to spread its wings and descend to our mortal realms. As you are reading this, the PTS has been online for a short while. Your friends are probably connecting already!
What are you waiting for? Log in and create your character in preparation for future patch testing right away!

What is the public test server?
The PTS is a server used to publicly test game content somewhat in advance of pushing it to the normal game servers. For more details, head on over and take a look at the server announcement.
While the PTS will eventually host newer versions of Aion that we are testing, it currently runs the same version as the normal servers.

How do I access it?
Accessing the PTS is quite straightforward. In most cases, you won't need to download any additional content. Read all about getting started in last Friday's Eye on Community.
If you have any further questions regarding the PTS, check out our special Public Test Server FAQ. You may be lucky enough to have already had your questions answered.

I want to discuss my public test server experiences with other players in a constructive and friendly manner! Where do I go?
A public test server technical discussion/bug section has been set up in our forums.

Enjoy, and fly safe!