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Playing Adeleas

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First, you should go back to just playing Adeleas there with some necessary aion gold in Cabal, with torture in Taiwan dialogue. After the dialogue, please go back to playing in front of the entrance channel Carian office, talk to the items on the ground the dialogue, dialogue, and talk to the body.

Talk to you just after the award of the honorary casket dialogue. Finally, standing behind the coffin with the coffin dialogue rewarded, reputation Score: 3000.

Talk to the upright coffin will be sent to Yi Ciyuan a dialogue space, this time with the middle of the dialogue will be the end of the FB stone tour. Rewarded reputation Score: 5000, chest with a gem. We will let you do not dialogue with him, behind three doors, is sent to the far right of the entrance door, in the middle of the door was just finished that flame zombie monarch tombstone door, the most on the left side of the door is open space Prin.

The monster to skill on by level before we get anyone trolling our guide, we would like to say that the monster list is our own personal opinion and the ideal monster would be one that lasts a few minutes or more to kill and hits you for less damage then you regenerate from the regeneration buff.

Regardless of the monster you use, you will have to recast regeneration fairly often to start out, then every 4 min at level 4. The good news is, starting at level 4o you can equip a Life Absorb Ring +1 (They are 32,000 alz from the Core Alchemist in Port Lux Lv. 50+ Map). This will go a long way toward making you not have to cast regeneration at all.

Now to go is the middle door (of course you can not get Yi Ciyuan space, then walked back directly from the Carian), we go back and do two tasks shadow possession. Thank you for reading. See you next time!