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One of these projects we have been developing is a Faction Incentive Program.

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Greetings Daevas!

We have been working on several projects aimed at growing our populations and improving your play experience. One of these projects we have been developing is a Faction Incentive Program. Currently our Faction Incentive Program will focus on the Asmodian race on our North American and European servers. Our goal is to start the Faction Incentive Program when 2.5 goes live.

Some of our North American and European servers will have more specific incentives applied; our goal is to grow the Asmodian population on those servers through race creation, reactivation and transfers. The server specific portions of our Faction Incentive Program initially will consist of: running the Gateway Getaway Event more frequently and introducing Fortress Siege Incentives. As we move closer to implementing this portion of the Faction Incentive Program, we will identify the servers which will be targeted as well as release further details on the Siege Incentives.

Balaur Abyss Takeover - All Servers

As part of this exploration, when we push 2.5 Empyrean Calling to our live servers, we will be resetting the fortresses to Balaur owned as part of our push. We will investigate possibility of additional Balaur Fortress takeovers as we progress.

Asmodian Creation Incentive Package - Selected Servers

To assist in the creation and leveling of Asmodian characters, players on selected servers with an Asmodian, level 10 or higher, will receive a huge supply of Berdin's Amulets. Berdin's Amulets deliver a 50% additional EXP gain from hunting, gathering and crafting. The effect lasts one hour, with a one hour cooldown after activation.

Gateway Getaway Event - Selected Servers

We will run this event in a more frequent fashion, similar to our rifting event. During this event, we will introduce special entrance gates for Asmodians only that will allow your characters to enter instances despite fort ownership. Asmodians may enter a selection of the Upper Abyss fort instances and Divine's Abyssal Splinter from inside Primum, and access Silentera Canyon from inside Gelkmaros fortress.

Fortress Siege Incentives - Selected Servers

The Fortress Siege Incentives will reward Asmodian players of the targeted server on a weekly basis for fortresses the Asmodians capture on that server. Each successful capture of a fort will add to the total weekly Siege reward. The rewards themselves will comprise of additional medals rewarded to all Asmodians on the server within specific level ranges; the type and number of medals will be determined by the fortresses which are conquered.