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No wonder this game is half dead.

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I must say, its not strange that this game is half dead allready after barely 1 year on the market. And soon i truely hope the servers get down and this game gets banished into oblivion.

1. People running around with twinks that got +10 to weps armor and golden accessories.

2. The Rifts are to frequent in lowbie zones. I have lvl 38 with +10 to all items ganking me continuesly.

3. The frequent rifting and the possebility's of twinking forces other players to do other quests/ xp else where.

4. This game is made for nolifers, people who dont have a job or go to school.

5. Redicules amount of bots and kinah sellers.

6. Laughable log in " security "

7. New dredgion is just a remake of old dredgion? what happend to innovation? lost it on the way to your half ass.

8. We are not nyerking koreans who dont have jobs and the time to even reach 55.

9. If what i am QQing about is Wrong, why have so many servers been merged? Why does the imbalance on some servers be so huge?

10. If i was wrong this game would have flurished and had ALOT of players, and been real populear.