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Make sure to keep yourself healed and target what the NPC is attacking

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Missing in Action - This one is tough to do solo, but if you want to try, stay back and let the NPC engage things. Make sure to keep yourself healed and target what the NPC is attacking.

Eventually, you'll get outside, and the NPC will try to take a rest at the entrance. Pull small groups back to him to force him to fight them, and fight your way out of the valley. If it's too much aion gold trouble and you're not in a group, abandon the quest - the XP is nice, but not worth dying again and again.

Return to town and turn in any quests you've completed (easy if you complete Missing in Action, as he runs all the way back into town) and then head north of town, along the trail leading east.

Keep going past the keep, and start fighting the various gnolls for Shadow-hide Pendants for Solomon's Law, and near the base of the mountains, among some trees, kill Lieutenant Fangore. Head back to town and turn in these last two quests.

If you haven't gotten a group for Tharil'zun and Shadow Magic by now, don't sweat it - drop the quests and head south, to Dusk-wood. It's time for a new zone. You should have reached level 23-24 in this zone, but Dusk-wood is pretty doable from level 22 on.