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Life Tap is not a good curse to use with Confuse or Attract, simply in the online game

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Killing: 3 ways to kill things, you do it, they do it, or others do it. I'm going to be looking aion gold at the first two as the last implies not actually doing anything and just watching.

If you intend to do it, then you can either Hit them with a powerful weapon till they all die, or you can kill one and use corpse explosion, or poison explosion if you’re feeling sadistic or mana conservant.

If you use a DDC, then killing one then using an explosion to kill the rest is easy, but remembers that they can stack with other curses, so...

1. Amplify/Lower Resist/Iron Maiden

2. Confuse/Attract/Dim Vision

3. Kill one

4. Explode one and kill/badly damage the rest.

If you poison them, or maybe even poison them then explode them, then feel free to pick off any Distracted stragglers, unaware of how close to death they really are.

You can of course skip poison and bone spells altogether and goes for them killing themselves, with the use of Iron Maiden or Amplify/Lower-resist. Life Tap is not a good curse to use with Confuse or Attract, simply.

1. Iron Maiden or Amplify/Lower Resist

2. Confuse/Attract

3. Watch and laugh, or concentrate on another potential threat.