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Learn some news in Aion

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aion kinah is my aim when I play this game. Aion has nine life skills, personal transformation that the materials, collecting and collecting OD acquisition of these three is the public and can be profitable skills. The other six are also can make money, but they need to invest a lot of material, form, scroll input. I believe that most players do not have enough time and effort. And material change, acquisition, OD acquisition is seen only occasionally drops can be adopted. The other six kinds of production skills, regardless of whether it is supposed to be a large number of raw materials, supporting, and therefore can not sell things that are not afraid of hands.
The types of demonic: vitality, physical attack power, kills, weapons defense, concentration, armor defense, magic attack power, dodge, the largest spiritual power, flying time. The more difficult to obtain is a magic attack, physical attack, kill, the three kinds of stone. Therefore, we hit the first of these three types of Demonic do not hurried sale, take a look at the market sold or are under question for them.
In Aion, players tend to make their own equipment out better that the store. This has led to a large part of players make their own equipment, so we should pay more attention to the formation of a number of unique properties and equipment. They are often willing to spend more money to buy.
Do not do anything mission tasks are done, vote for those who have weapons, equipment, skill points, the task of doing valuable things.
We must remember that depending on the market those who make money, those who do not make money to have a clear idea of the price. We have to remember that word, what high level, there will be.