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I've got a few examples I'm going to share with you of lame parties

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Dead front is awesome, when I quit this game DF had only just come aion gold out and I did not know how cool it was till I returned a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately there's a lot of annoying people here as well. I've got a few examples I'm going to share with you of lame parties.

Example 1, Its Dead Front application time! The Party Leaders are making their applications! My party leader tries to apply but then says "Somebody does not have a map!" (My guess was him).

His solution? Just start randomly kicking people out of the party till he figures out who did not have the map. Like DUHH he could have asked who had and who did not have a map and at least narrowed it down before he started kicking people out.

The application time ends and he starts cussing up a storm about how he did not get in. WELL WHAT ABOUT ME?

Example 2, the party leader is biased for his guild. Every time a guild of his comes up he kicks somebody out and puts his guildy in it.

Fine, whatever. But you should stop kicking people out when its 15 seconds till entry time. I mean OH MY GOSH. This guy kicks two people out (including a segnale) to make room for his guildies (which I only see one of).