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It is amazing that I still see character names that are very unique in game

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Five Role-playing Tips from Watching the Guild 

Chances are if you're an avid MMORPG player, then you've aion gold heard about The Guild. If you've been living under an adamantine ore for the last couple of years, then you've missed out on the hilarious online video series that pokes major fun at our favorite gaming genre, the stereotypical people that play, and the adventurous calamities that often befall us.

While the show does much in the way of keeping things generic, in that the game the cast of characters play is fictitious (though heavily based on World of Warcraft), there are yet many things that can be learned from the show regarding ways to properly play an MMORPG, both in and out of character.

Having recently re-watched seasons one and two in anticipation of season three, I caught those game play tips again, and realized that many of them can be applied to role-playing. So, role-players, here are Five Role-playing Tips Learned from Watching the Guild.

Originality: After twenty-nine years of playing RP games, it is amazing that I still see character names that are very unique.

The names for the in game characters the cast play in their MMORPG (Codex, Zaboo, Vork, Clara, Bladezz, and Tinkerbelle) are a perfect example.