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Introduction of various characteristics

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Aion of racial and occupational selection rules are as follows:
a) Eight roles can create an account in game (aion kinah).
b) An account can choose only one race.  Creation of role players need from the Elyos and Asmodians can  choose between a race, an account can only choose one race, if the first role in the founding days of race roles, then the role after only seven Select day of race(which is the official announcement of the setting in CB2). Role must be created from the soldier to detect those, mage and priest 4 Choose one of the basic occupation.
Each job has two turns and under occupation, when the players rose to level 10, through the transfer task as guardian of awakening can choose from two professional one, as the role of formal employment. Elyos and Asmodians race are the same job classification, there is no special occupation. In fact, before the eight occupational categories with similar description, but the Korean government once again introduced into the official name again, and the discussion of additional equipment system.